You check the time, you realize you're super late to the meeting, and you cannot be late with these people. They're awesome, but they're super busy.. GAH! Here's how I turned on time for a meeting into 40 minutes late!


It was just the other day. I was excited because I'd be meeting, with Crystal and Sarah from Hiawatha Homes Foundation, to talk about this year's Festival of Trees and what we could do to help make it even better than last year.

By the way...there's lotsa cool things happening thiis year, and you're going to LOVE the stuff for kids!

Anyway, it was one of those super busy days where you're in constant motion. I've been known to have a poor memory when it comes to meetings, etc, so I sent Crystal a text....

James: "Hey, we still good for 1:30?"

Crystal: "For some reason, I have 1PM...yes, we're all set..."

There was more, but that's where I stopped reading and went into freak out mode. Freak...OUT!

What happened? Check out the video,...and discover what happens when James Rabe freaks out. It's

ps - Crystal and Sarah were both totally cool with it. Because they. Are. Awesome!

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