My wife and I love to camp. When we're not camping, we love to road trip. Where is your favorite place in Minnesota to road trip? While I'll admit, we do a ton of camping here in Minnesota, we haven't taken many road trips up to northern Minnesota. When we did, it was to Either St. Cloud or even Taylor's Falls. That's a beautiful area up there.

The website put together a list of all of the best places to take a road trip and Minnesota was on that list. They took into account things like:

  • Gas prices
  • Tolls
  • Accident Rates
  • Parks
  • Weather
  • Camping
  • Food

Obviously, if you're road tripping to the Cities, one of the coolest places is the Science Museum of Minnesota, The Mall of America (I've actually lived here many years, both in Rochester and White Bear Lake and have only been to MOA twice) Mickey's Diner was a cool little road trip, too and checking out the fall colors pretty much anywhere in Minnesota is always worth a trip.

So, when you road trip in Minnesota, where is YOUR favorite place to go?