I am NOTORIOUS for letting fall fly by and getting our outdoor family photos done....after snow has hit. While they have turned out fine, now is the time to get the BEST colors of fall for your family photos right here in Rochester, for FREE!


1.) Right In Your Backyard!

It's free, is convenient, it's comfortable! And if you have trees changing colors, it's a bonus! Most photographers will do on-site shoots anywhere including your home.

This is sort of in my backyard and it's my go-to every year. There are plenty of places with tree coverage, scenery like the creek that runs through it and places to "perch" like tree logs and benches.

This is our destination this year! (I'm finally planning ahead). It's a free place to get into with backdrops like pumpkins, apple trees and nature. Given the right weather this place offers a lot of opportunities.

4) Silver Lake Park

This area has plenty of places for people to get some great photos with trees or water in the background. You will have plenty of places to choose from around this lake and along the pathways and parks.

Located right next to the Civic Center and Rochester Art Center you get the outdoor vibe with eclectic modern backdrops.

6) Around The Corner From Peace Plaza

Head to the Peace Plaza and snap the historic chateau in the background or crossover to a little grunge vibe in the alleyway with the brick wall with the handpainted artwork just to the left when facing Chesters.

This is a go-to place for a lot of pictures but always check first. This property is gorgeous and has a variety of scenic backdrops and areas to fit your family big or small. Make sure to have a flash as some areas are well shaded.

color combo

I will be heading to Northwoods this year and have clothed my family in a Mustard Yellow and Navy Blue combination! Check out the outfits I got and how I saved.

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