Valentine's Day is coming up. A new poll has found the top celebrity connections.

I grew up on reruns. Gilligan's Island, Star TrekThe Wild, Wild West and Batman. Dawn Wells was the girl next door as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. Yvonne Craig was super as Batgirl. Later, I had a "crush" on Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman, and Lindsay Wagner who was The Bionic Woman. Courtney Cox carried over from Family Ties to Friends.

Remember The One With The List from Friends?

The mattress company, Sleep Cupid, took an online poll to find the top celebrities we'd like to romance.

I posed that same question on Facebook.

Jennifer said it would be

...a tie between Robert Downey, Jr. and Johnny Depp."

Her tie-breaker would be Keanu Reeves.

The top five men women want to be romanced by are:

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

4. "I am Iron Man." Robert Downey, Jr.

3. Denzel Washington

2. Johnny Depp

1. George Clooney

Kate said on Facebook,

George in a New York minute!"

Barb said,

Gotta be George!"

Who's on your list? More importantly, is it laminated?




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