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Many of us are no doubt going to fire up our TV to do some serious binge-watching over the holidays. But which show is the most popular here in Minnesota in 2020?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is set to make this holiday season one we probably haven't experienced before, with many activities we used to do now not available-- or not recommended, anyway. Which means that binge-watching movies and TV shows, which is always a popular thing to do over the holidays, will no doubt be even bigger this year. So which show is the most popular to binge-watch over the holidays here in the Bold North?

Well, according to the gang over at Dish Network, that honor would go to... The Office. That's right, the adventures of Michael Scott, plus Jim and Pam, Dwight and the whole crew over at Dunder-Mifflin are all included in the show that's the most-searched-for here in Minnesota this holiday season, Dish Network said.

Other search-for shows this year include The Simpsons (which was number-one over in my home state of Wisconsin and was the most-searched-for show nationally this year), as well as Dr. Who, House, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, This Is Us, and The X-Files. Dish Network also noted that many of us were specifically searching for those special holiday episodes of those TV series. (And, as an aside-- you can DO that?!? Who knew?!?)

And while we're on the topic of TV shows, Minnesota has actually been home to several movies over the years. But do you know which TV shows called the Land of 10,000 Lakes home as well? Keep scrolling to check out the most famous TV locations from here in Minnesota, and every other state too.

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