I was walking along, minding my own business, when I noticed some memorial markers near a couple trees. I stopped to look at one, then the next one. They were funny markers, so I grabbed my camera and found this mystery...

Do you know who M. Jean Kolb is? I have searched and searched and can find nothing about this woman. She and her husband are both in Soldiers Field Park, tho I'm not 100% certain they're part of the memorial, but they're right near it, so are they veterans? Did they both serve, did he serve, or did she serve?

There's nothing to tell us about him, so I can't look up his name. Just MJK's. So, maybe she's not even from town. Maybe "Her Husband" flew to Los Angeles when he was 25, got off the plane, met M. Jean and fell in love when they bumped into each other on an escalator heading to the clearance floor of the old school Marshall Fields.

But seriously...do you know anything about her? I'm intrigued by both the humor in their memorials and the total focus on M. Jean. Kolb.