Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like someone else? There's over 7 billion people on earth. Odds are pretty good that you have a 'twin stranger' somewhere on the planet.

Last month three friends set out on a challenge to find their twin stranger from anywhere and submissions started coming in from all over the world. Niamh had one person in particular that really looked like her, so they agreed to meet up. The results are amazing. If you didn't know any better you would swear that they were identical twin sisters. Check out the video for yourself.

This got me to thinking, who or where is my twin stranger? So I started doing some digging and I think I found him. Check out the pictures below of me side-by-side with some guy named George, who lives in California. I think if you put a pair of glasses on George or removed mine you will notice the uncanny resemblance. Mind-blown! It's practically like looking in a mirror.

(Brent)                                                                                                 (George-Getty Images)