It was an awesome rainy day, I'd been in a ton of meetings, talked to a bazillion people,  and was ready for some chill-time in my adult onsie (with an adult beverage, thank you very much). By my plans were foiled! By an 89 year old!

I KNOW you've done this too, so I know I can share and not be judged...much.

I house sit, for an amazing couple living in Charter House (a retirement, assisted living, and nursing care community). I've been in their home for two years, and I give thanks for every second I'm there.

The wife comes to visit regularly. She's always on the go, meeting friends, at meetings, go go go. I love her, I really do. She's fun to be around,s he tells great stories, and she's lived...holy moly she's lived.

Anyway, I was getting close to the house and I saw her friend's car and kept on driving.

Like I said, I adore her, but I wanted to be alone. In my onsie. With a drink.

So, I drove around a bit, found a great spot to park, and checked my socials. Then, made this video.

And you know what? It's OK. NO one should knock anyone for taking a break from people. If she'd needed me there, I wouldn't have avoided it. But sometimes, you gotta do a little something for yourself.

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