Who's the badder driver, Dad or Mom?

The kids and I spend Sunday mornings in the parking lot over at Watson field. Driving lessons. I'm just going for a perfect 10, y'know.

Dave's Driver's Ed class

There's this new study that's come out that says if you're a bad driver, chances are you learned that from your parents. 65% said their parents had the biggest influence on their driving. 25% said it was a driving instructor.

Young drivers are more likely to copy their dad's driving habits behind the wheel. Even though they think their mom is a better driver! If you listen to my wife and kids, that's probably true. I drive too fast; I stop too quick; I jam on the brakes; I follow too close; I come too close to knocking over the basketball hoop in the driveway pulling in to the garage.

I'm just trying to set a better example with the driving lessons.

On average, those asked gave their mom's driving an 8.1 out of 10, compared to 7.8 out of 10 for their dad! 29% said their dad's driving scared them, compared to 20% that were scared when their mom was behind the wheel!

I'm not sure who's more scared now, the kids when I'm behind the wheel, or me, when they get behind the wheel. Y'know, what goes around comes around...