Do you like renting cars? I do. It's a nice, clean, newish car. Everything works, the doors close sooooo quietly, and it smells amazing! So, why they gotta do you like they do?

What is it they do? Click play and feast on CJ's complaint on this week's Monday Moanin'. He'd just come back from vacation and was SO fired up about the rental car keys. The car keys? The Car Keys, Susan!

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He can't stand it when car rental places have both big ol' keys on the same ring, and you can't separate 'em! Add the key tag and you got a big ol' lump in your pocket, your purse, wherever. And that's BOTH of the smart keys, you lose one, you lose 'em both! What are they thinking? And don't even get him started on the hassle of opening the trunk/rear hatch. You have to take the key, out of your pocket and push the button! 

The horror.

You know me, I'm not one to let a horror like this stand. I called up several car rental places (Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz), and I asked them why they committed this injustice upon their customers. They all said had the same excuse...

"Oh, that's the way they come from corporate. Just ask and we'll cut that thing in two, and put 'em on separate rings."

Oh, well, cool! Just ask and they'll give you two key rings. Bing bang boom, just like that, decades of torment solved in a few calls. No no no, don't thank me...I'm just your humble servant, doing what little I can to make your world a sparkling gem of contentment. Your smile and your baby's tears of joy are all I need!

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