It happens to me every. single. day.

I have to travel south down West Circle Drive towards Highway 52 to get my kid to daycare every morning, and every day someone gives me "the look". If you have road rage like I do, then you know what look I'm talking about because we give it to other idiot drivers every time we get behind the wheel ourselves.

It's that "what the hell are you doing/thinking" look, that goes something like this:

The WTF Look

Anyways, I seem to get this same exact look (or something similar) daily like I'm the one disobeying the law - which I'm not. Now to any driver who comes from the west on Salem Road, I ask that you calm yourself before you start throwing up middle fingers and other hand gestures and observe that little sign in the distance there, called a Yield sign. That red and white piece of triangular metal says I don't need to merge into the left lane, despite your need to treat that stretch of road like it's a race to reach 60 mph like it's an on ramp onto the highway.

Credit: Google Maps Streetview
Credit: Google Maps Streetview

(Side note: This photo was taken a few years ago, there are no cones there now)

Truth be told, I'm already going past the speed limit (50+ in a 45 mph zone) so there's no reason to zip in front of me because I'm already speeding myself. It's not like I'm going to slow you down!

Maybe someone needs to move up the yield sign a few feet closer before the merge so motorists can actually see and obey it? Maybe drivers should just calm down (says the guy with his own problems) but until the ice falls and the roads get slicker, I'm telling you right now that if I'm not already in the left lane, you can bet your next paycheck I won't be moving over there just for you just because you're giving me the "What the hell?" look tomorrow, or any other day.

I'll just continue to smile and wave like I always do.

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