If your neighborhood is like mine, it's crawling with goats right now. Hey, I'm not complaining - goats are adorable. Can I take one home? Well, there is a reason for the goats. Your neighbor hasn't gone mad and decided to open a city petting zoo in their backyard.


Forget the chemicals, goats will do the trick. The goats are working. Instead of trying to combat the invasive weeds with sprays and mowers, the goats have stepped in to help with the problem. In fact, I was reading in the Pioneer Press that it's common practice in Sweden, and is now becoming more popular in the Midwest. It makes sense - the weeds have to go, and the goats have to eat.

How do they keep them in a certain area? According to the Pioneer Press, one company (The Munch Bunch) uses a solar-powered fence to rope off their designated plant buffet.

What kind of weeds are they taking out? Buckthorn. It's an invasive shrub that sprouts its leaves before other plants, giving it a competitive advantage over native plants for light and water, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

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