Mario Day is March 10th (MAR10) and to help us celebrate, Google is bringing Mario Kart to Google Maps for an entire week.  Yes, every turn you take can be done with Mario!

How do you turn your Google Maps into Mario Kart?  According to, just follow these directions:

  • make sure your Google Maps app is updated
  • Pull up your driving directions
  • Look for a suspicious yellow question box (it will be to the left of the Start button)
  • Tap the yellow button
  • You can start your journey with Mario on a kart!

You don't need to worry about any bananas or red shells being left as surprises but there is a hidden Easter egg that you will be able to find.  According to, you can tap the "?" icon 100 times and the 1-UP sound will play, just like in games made by Nintendo.

*As a mom with a kid who is now driving, I am used to telling her not to use her phone while driving.  I'm going to do the same with all of you too.  Give your phone to the person in the passenger seat or use this while you are on a walk.*

Looking for a real Easter Egg Hunt?  Check out these Four Easter Egg Hunts in Southeast Minnesota.

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