I was "working from home" and trying to focus in my bedroom but on the other side of the wall, my kids were arguing.  I could hear every word and I was annoyed and it was only 10:14 am.  I obviously couldn't focus so I went to Facebook to regroup, gather my thoughts, and see if I could figure out a solution from all of the amazing tips and quotes that others were sharing on their timelines today.  It was there, in the Facebook world, that I found my next distraction - 3D animals on Google!

I'm going to guess that this was made specifically for kids to enjoy, but to be honest, those of us experiencing cabin fever right now while we are social distancing are loving these photo opps that Google has for free.  Here's how it works, just in case you are wanting to give it a try:

Step 1:  On your phone, search for an animal in 3d.  Some of the animals to choose from are AlligatorAngler fishBrown bearCatCheetahDogDuckEagleEmperor penguinHedgehogHorseLionMacawOctopusPugGiant pandaRottweilerSharkShetland ponySnakeTigerTurtleWolf

How to see the 3d Animals on Google

Step 2:  Look for the spot on the page that says "Meet a life-sized _______ up close.".  There should be a spot that says "View in 3D".  Click on that.

Step 3: A screen will pop up with the animal and it will have a button to click on that says "View in your space".

Step 4:  It will ask you to hold your phone and point it at the floor and around as it figures out where to place your new friend.

Step 5:  Wait about 30 seconds for your new pet to appear.

Step 6:  Snap a few pics!

Are you looking for more activities to do with your kids?  I've got a daily challenge over on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio).  It all started because my kids decided to burst into one of my conference calls for work on day 1 of our coronavirus staycation.  If you've got ideas for me, I'm only semi-creative so I'd love some help!  Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio). or DM me on Instagram.

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