New York (KROC AM News) - President-elect Donald Trump made a brief comment about Mayo Clinic Wednesday morning in his first formal news conference since the election.

Trump was talking about his desire to overhaul the national health care system for veterans, which he has been critical of.

Trump announced his nomination of Dr. David J. Shulkin to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. Shulkin currently serves as the department’s Under Secretary for Health.

Trump said several major health care providers - including Mayo and the Cleveland Clinic - are “going to align themselves with us” and help Shulkin make changes he says are needed at the VA.

Trump told reporters many veterans have been “treated horribly” by the VA and he promised changes will be made. He did not elaborate.

Trump met privately with Mayo CEO Dr John Noseworthy and some other top healthcare executives two weeks ago. No information was released about what was discussed.

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