You know what muffin tops are, right? I'm not talking about what happens when you wear pants a size too small, heck no. I'm talking the top of the muffin separated from the stump. The stump isn't bad, it's just no the best part. The Muffin Top is the best part (and yes, I may be talking about the top of the muffin and the result of pants a size too small)!

And McDonald's is trying 'em out. In fact, these under 200 calories treats could hit McDonald's stores in Rochester very soon. In three flavors...blueberry, poppy seed, and double chocolate. I put that last one in bold because...CHOCOLATE! DOUBLE! 

Get a look at these babies here.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

CREDIT: McDonalds
CREDIT: McDonalds

ps - I have two favorite McDonald's Breakfasts...the Sausage McMuffin with Egg and...

The always delicious Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Whatdya mean 'that's not breakfast!'. Breakfast is the time of day, my friend. And I enjoy a QPwC day or night. Before the bar, after the bar. Up in a tree, down in a tunnel. SItting down, or standing up (tho, honestly, less so standing up because I love to sit when I eat). 

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