What was the deal with Winona Ryder at the SAG awards. People said she was confused, or weird, or acting like her Stranger Things character. Nope. She was just a victim of ...the Mystic Pizza!

Boy (7-9) smiling while looking down at slice of pepperoni pizza
Ryan McVay

Actually, Winona Ryder made those faces while David Harbour gave their acceptance speech because she couldn't hear what Harbour was saying. That's what her co-star David Harbour said, and I think it sounded legit. Having been up on a stage in that same situation, maybe she was hoping the sound-team would notice and help a Winona out. No luck.

Like I said...that's what I thought...until I saw the video.

Mystic Pizza. It was the dang Mystic Pizza...again!

How many times do we need to endure the attack of the Mystic Pizza before our leaders do something about it? How many decades now have we seen people injured by the Mystic Pizza?

Too many, that's how many. And it. Has. To. Stop. Now.

Fast pizza delivery guy running

No one knows for certain how the Mystic Pizza came to be. The most popular story is of a young man named Henry the Pizza Man. In the 1980's he delivered pizza regularly to movie sets. He was funny, kind, and hinted he'd love to be in movies.

For two years he delivered pizzas to the set, and finally, his big break came. You remember the movie Mystic Pizza? Yeah, well...he had one line, "Pizza for Kat and Daisy!" Just knock on the door, say the line, and get your check, buddy...now you're in movies!

Only calm, fun Henry was gone, and stiff, angry, poor acting Henry was in the house. It was a disaster. The fuss Henry raised forced the movie to shut down production for three weeks while the entire thing was revamped.

No one saw him leave, and no one has seen him since. He just disappeared. But at every award show, Henry is back, delivering his pizza, one distractedly delicious slice at a time.


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