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According to WFRV, a bar up north in Wisconsin (North of Green Bay by three hours) is closed for a day. The reason? Partly as a break for the employees. And, the other reason is on the Dublin Sports Bar & Grill Facebook page (scroll down to see the post).

"Due to the lack of young people wanting to work and the few wonderful staff that we have we have decided to close for the day to give the overworked a well deserved break."

That's the place...there's zero Google Street View available because it's so in nature. Looks awesome! Google

I think it's a nice thing for the employees they do have. Not crazy about complimenting some by tearing down others, but who doesn't like a day off, right? And I hope the bar figures out what it is that'll bring in more employees because look at that location.

Do Young People Really NOT Want to Work?

It's true a lot of businesses have been having trouble filling jobs. That's not just a Wisconsin or Minnesota thing. It's a national thing. The June jobs numbers for Southeastern Minnesota were pretty impressive...

The jobless rate in Olmsted last month dropped to three percent. That is the lowest it has been since March of last year but it’s still over a half percentage point above the unemployment rate from May in 2019.

Across southeastern Minnesota, every county reported a drop in unemployment and three counties had jobless rates under three percent last month. Fillmore County was the lowest at 2.7 percent, while the highest rate was found in Freeborn County at 3.5 percent. Read More: Rochester Area Unemployment Rate Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

In the comments of the Facebook post, a lot of people said young people didn't want to work when they were getting paid by the government to not work. Does that hold up? Not if the Minnesota numbers are accurate. If we're getting closer to where we were pre-pandemic, we're going to be in the same boat lack-of-employee-wise. And people weren't 'getting paid to not work' then. The whole thing sucks and is hard on business, which is not good for the economy, which is not good for all of us.

But what about Wisconsin? Maybe They're Just Lazy?

Riau Images // Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Riau Images // Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The jobs numbers in Wisconsin are pretty darn similar to the numbers here. The unemployment report from June (the same month as the KROC NEWS story) shows Wisconsin looking a lot healthier than a year ago. Below 4% unemployment statewide. (Source)

What If You Google "Do young people really not want to work?"

Here, Let Me Google That For Your - Carsten Koall ThinkStock
Here, Let Me Google That For Your - Carsten Koall ThinkStock

Most of the first 10 responses are from 2019. Pre-pandemic. When employers were having a wildly hard time finding employees. Just like now. So is it laziness? Maybe for some, but for most people it is so much more complicated than just saying, "they won't work because they're getting paid not to work by the government." (Source)

It's so complicated, I don't even come close to knowing enough about it to pretend to have an answer. So I go with, "Do we need to cut folks down when we really don't know what's going on?"

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