They make the dough-heads a little differently in Wisconsin. Especially Racine, WI, a town of about 80,000 just south of Milwaukee. Take this one gal, Brenda J. McMorris. Brenda got herself in a touch of trouble the other day when law enforcement thought she may be driving under the influence of alcohol. And that's where the story gets Rabe Shot worthy.

It began when the police saw Brenda J. McMorris driving with her headlights on. Not a big deal normally, but it was after 8 PM. They tried to do a traffic stop, but she sped off, leading 'em on a chase down many one way streets.  (SOURCE)


It ended when she decided to stop and an officer tried to give her a field sobriety test. According to the Racine Eye, that's when Brenda J. let 'em know she'd smoked crack about three hours before. They kept trying to give her the test, and she interrupted again, reportedly saying, " I already told you, I smoked crack.”

You're making Wisconsin proud, Brenda J. McMorris.

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