About seventy miles east of Madison, WI is Brookfield. The small town was founded a long ago. So long ago, Caroline Ingles (Laura's mom) was born there. It was in this sleepy rural town someone made a li'l booboo, and priced gas at 28 cents a gallon, instead of $2.89.


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal,

Two people called police to report numerous vehicles coming and going from the gas station. When officers arrived, the gas station pumps and lot were full with cars; the line stretched onto 124th Street and Burleigh Road, said Capt. Bryan Franckowiak of the Brookfield Police Department.

So what happened? The gas station corrected the price and the day went on. No one broke the law because they paid the price on the pump. Did the gas station lose much money? No idea...the gas station owner isn't talking.

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