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On Tuesday, in Sawyer County, Wisconsin, four men were struck by lightning as they played golf at the Big Fish Golf Course in Hayward.

Bolt points to about where it happened. Big Fish Golf Course, Wisconsin (Google)

According to the Sawyer County Sheriff's Office, the report came in around 11:30 AM about multiple people struck by lightning. Not multiple lightning strikes, just one strike. They were "alert and conscious" but taken to a local hospital to be checked over.

How can One Lightning Strike Hit Four People?


According to the National Weather Service, a lightning strike known as a "Ground Current" is the kind of strike that could account for four people being hurt by one strike.

"Ground current: When lightning strikes the ground and the electricity spreads outward, potentially passing into anyone or anything in the vicinity. The most deaths and injuries come from ground current." (NWS)

And out in a field (or golf course) there are plenty of times when you're the tallest object around and so the direct path to the ground, and lightning sure does love the fastest route.


This is why so many meteorologists say when you see lightning or hear thunder, get inside, and not just into the garage, standing on the pavement.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Lightning

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Lightning for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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