Our neighbors to the East (also known as Wisconsin) are a unique breed. Sometimes they're great (neighbors share beer via remote control car) and sometimes they're dough-heads (Wisconsin woman crashes into toilet). This time, it's the latter.

According to CBS Sports...

A Milwaukee resident found a way into Miller Park, home of the Brewers, last week and attempted to write his name in cursive on the field with a stolen tractor, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The team released a statement saying an individual caused "minor damage" to the playing surface...$40,000 in damage...

When the police were talking to the suspect and alleged pranker-screwer-upper, Keyon A. Lambert, he told them he used the tractor because he'd never used one before.

Wait, what? You have an idea for a prank and you use equipment you've never used before? THAT'S the 100% Wisconsin part there. Of course it turned out bad...he didn't write his name in the field. Not even close. Just messed up the pitchers mound some.


And as long as we're talking baseball, how 'bout that time the amazing Lou Gehrig was in Rochester for Mayo, and was interviewed by our sister station, KROC-AM 1340 (and now also on 96.9FM)

Lou Gehrig

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