A woman flying from Bangkok to London endured a "nightmarish" trip after another passenger threw up on her, forcing her to spend the entire 13-hour flight covered in vomit.

On TikTok, user @angelinanicollle, a.k.a Angelina, shared that the man sitting in the middle seat of her row eventually vomited on her after he couldn't shake his pre-flight nerves. But it wasn't a one-off spew.

According to Angelina's video, the messy situation began to unfold just as her flight was about to take off. Right before the plane left the ground, the man next to her opened his paper "doggy bag" and began vomiting uncontrollably.

"As disgusting as it is, you don't want to embarrass him. Couple of seconds later, he throws up again in the doggy bag," Angelina explains, sharing she continued to look straight ahead, hoping to not draw additional attention to the man's already-embarrassing situation.

"He throws up another time," she continues, adding that the man's girlfriend eventually  leaned over and asked if they could have her paper bag as well.

"I frantically start looking in my seat like, 'Yes, of course!' and I can't find one. I'm freaking out because the guy next to me throws up again. It's continuing. Finally, this girl from the aisle across from me notices what's happening and quickly hands me her doggy bag. I turn over to give this to the guy... and I notice that his paper bag is full to the brim. Full to the brim with throw-up!" Angelina explains.

"If he throws up another time, it'll literally overflow," she adds, saying that she even attempted to hold the new paper bag for the stranger as he continued to vomit.

Eventually, however, the saturated paper bag broke.

"His vomit gushes out of the bottom all over onto his lap and, unfortunately, all over me and all over my stuff that's under the seat. And then the plane's still taking off, and you're still sitting in your seats, and you're in your seat belt," Angelina says.

Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers were horrified by Angelina's story, with some calling it their "worst nightmare."

"My emetophobia could NEVER handle this," one user commented.

"I'm a rule follower, but there is zero chance that I would stay in the seat once the vomiting commenced," another wrote.

"That's literally my worst nightmare," someone else shared.

"I feel like you should be entitled to financial compensation and therapy," another user joked.

The video has been viewed more than 1.1 million times as of publishing.

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