When we choose to eat at a fast food restaurant we know that we are sometimes sacrificing quality for a quick, cheap bite.

Still, when biting into a delectable McChicken — no lettuce, so much better that way — one can never be completely sure what exactly we're putting in our mouth.

Usually food goes bad after a few days — especially those fries that get stale or soggy just 10 minutes after ordering them — but one woman has sworn off fast food for good after discovering a five-year-old McDonald's cheeseburger she left in her closet in semi-pristine condition.

Megan Condry claims she purchased two cheeseburgers and some fries from the burger chain in November 2017. After eating one of the burgers, she tossed the other in the back of her car with the intention of eating it later, according to Newsweek.

The receptionist forgot about the sandwich for a few days. When she finally found it, it hadn't even started to spoil.

Kris Connor, Getty Images
Kris Connor, Getty Images

She then hatched a plan to conduct an "experiment" to see how long the sandwich would continue to look like a cheeseburger. She stored it in the back of her closet and eventually forgot all about it — until five years later, when she came across it again.

The 41-year-old was shocked by what she found. Although the cheeseburger was "rock hard," it looked the same all these years later. "[It was] as hard as a hockey puck. I could probably smash a window with it," she said. "Everything is completely dry and it could start to crumble. There was no smell whatsoever and it looks the same as the day I bought it."

Condry "tried to pry it apart" and look inside, but she was unable to get the burger to break as it was "just a solid mass."

"It hasn't shrunk in size or evaporated. I assume there's no bacteria to it, it makes me sick," she added, before pondering: "I think it has so many preservatives [in it], or how else would it have lasted that long?"

According to their website, McDonald's claims their meat is "100% real beef with no fillers, additives or preservatives."

After being disgusted by the results of her "experiment," Condry has sworn off McDonald's and other fast food restaurants.

"McDonald's isn't my thing, I got it that day because it was close to work but I have friends who eat fast food on a regular basis and they say they feel sick," she said.

Condry now plans to put the burger back in the closet for another five years to see what it looks like then. That said, bookmark this story and check back in 2027, folks!

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