A woman took to Reddit explaining her sister was outraged after she served a peanut butter cake at her son's birthday party, despite her nephew's severe peanut allergy.

The woman said she got her son the cake he wanted for his seventh birthday, but did get a smaller vanilla cake for her nephew, who was set to attend the party.

She added that five of the children wanted the vanilla cake while the others wanted the peanut butter cake. Despite her buying two cakes, the woman's sister was furious.

"When my sister saw the peanut cake, she freaked [out] and yelled at me, saying if her son touches the cake he could die," she wrote via Reddit. "I told her that I told the kids it's peanut cake and that I have a vanilla one in the kitchen for my nephew. She freaked out and her husband walked into the house to calm her down."

"When she came back, the kids were already eating cake. She asked me: 'So, are you okay with my son dying so that yours can have cake?'" she continued. "I told her that's absurd and I'm not getting into it at a kid's party."

Maria via Unsplash
Maria via Unsplash

After the soiree the woman noted her sister called her an "inconsiderate a--hole" for not taking her child's severe allergy into consideration.

"If he had just a little bit of cake by accident, he could die," she claimed the sister yelled at her.

However, users rallied behind the sister, telling the woman she should not have had the peanut butter cake there if she knew her nephew was allergic.

"I know a guy who was hospitalized due to peanut oil on a library book. It sounds like the cousin is severely allergic and the cake should have been disclosed before the party. YTA (you're the a--hole)," one person wrote, while another commented: "I know people that just smell peanuts and start reacting. Once a friend touched something that was touched by someone who touched a peanut and he reacted. Allergies are no joke and this should have been mentioned first so a solution could be made."

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, "Peanuts can cause a life-threatening reaction in some people. Peanuts are one of the food allergens most commonly associated with anaphylaxis, a sudden and potentially deadly condition that requires immediate attention and treatment."

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