Keeping it real is a hot trend on social media these days, and this woman has gone viral for something we all experience on a daily basis.

If you've ever had to unbutton your pants after a good meal, you know what the reality of bloating looks like in comparison to your normal day-to-day tummy. We're all guilty of "sucking in" to achieve the best possible look, especially when it comes to photos.

A content creator by the name of Clara Guillem (@claraandherself) is currently getting a lot of looks on social media for her "outfits before and after eating" series. The 24-year-old is from Nashville, and her pics are resonating with people who are very aware of bloating—especially when it comes to its effects on cute outfits.

Clara says that the before and after photos she posts are an example of how she believes bloating is "normal and should be celebrated.

Each one of her bloating TikToks has pulled nearly 5 million views, but the comments are where people are finding inspiration and joy.

TikTok @claraandherself
TikTok @claraandherself

Clara said the driving force behind her creating the "before and after" series was to create a healthy dialogue about the changes we see in our bodies when we eat.

Her "outfits before and after eating" series quickly became the most popular content on her TikTok page.

This is almost a 180 from the top content from bloggers and creators in Guillem's industry that often features face tuning, photoshopping, Lightroom filters, and carefully selected photos that focus on angles and illusions that present the best "look" from those who post them.

So often in the media, you see bloating as a negative thing, as our society has such deeply engrained fatphobia. In reality, no matter what size you are, your body becoming bigger shouldn’t have such a negative connotation.

The Nashville content creator revealed that she used to suffer from anorexia and would literally have anxiety about eating anything before an event where any type of outfit was involved.

Clara said the truth is, every day there was an "event" that allowed her symptoms to progress until they were literally eating her alive.

Still, she remains adamant that she isn't here to normalize bloating more than she's simply doing her part to pump up self-love and promote "positive self-talk" when it comes to our bodies.

I’d like to add that I don’t consider this content to be body positivity. Body positivity is a movement created for those in marginalized bodies who need a voice. That’s not me; I just want to make content regarding body image and mental health that anyone is welcome to enjoy or skip past.

Check out her IG here and connect with her "outfits" series via TikTok here.

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