It's the age-old debate!

Eleven years ago today, in 2005, Halle Berry did what few actors and actresses have done. She accepted in-person her Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress at the 25th Annual Razzie Awards for her performance in Catwoman.

The Academy Awards celebrate the best performances and movies. The 88th Annual Academy Awards show is coming up this Sunday, hosted again by Chris Rock. It seems everyone is boycotting it this year for one reason or another.

The Annual Razzies come before the Oscars, to point out the absolute worst performances and films.

Getty ImagesCatwoman starred Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson.

Catwoman starred Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson along with Halle Berry as Patience Philips. Fans like me didn't care too much for the movie because Berry's character wasn't anything like the comic book Catwoman.

Which brings up one of the most age-old debates. Like Mary Ann versus Ginger, or Betty versus Veronica. Who's your favorite Catwoman?

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Anne Hathaway was the most recent Catwoman in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises.

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Michelle Pfieffer wasCatwoman opposite Michael Keaton in 1992's Batman Returns.

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Andd then there were the three classic Catwomen from the '60's; Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar. Newmar was the original Catwoman. When she wasn't available, Lee Meriwether was cast for the 1966 feature film. She later came back in the second season as a different character in a two-part episode featuring King Tut. Eartha Kitt was cast for the third season of the Batman television series because Newmar wasn't available again.

If you couldn't tell, I'm a Batman fan.

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I'm kind of excited about the upcoming Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie next month. But, I'm a little nervous that there's talk of an R-rated version that adds more violence. I saw the note from Ryan Reynolds about the R-rated Deadpool. I don't think I'm a prude, but I kinda like to be able to watch super-hero movies with my kids. We've enjoyed all of the Marvel movies, like Ant-Man and Avengers, together.

I like the original Batman, Adam West, because it was just so wacky. His Batman actually said to my favorite Catwoman, "There are strange stirrings in my utility belt."

That went right by me as a kid, but as an adult...

So, who's your favorite Catwoman? Name drop in the comments.