I was cleaning up the kitchen and found these beasts! Two sweet potatoes, trying to grow wings and escape!

I have two questions...

  1. Is it okay to eat?
  2. Would you eat it?

Back when I lived in Fargo, I was gone for a couple months (looking for work) and came home to find my taters had done the same thing. In Idaho, it was a whole other story.

Seriously... it was beyond eating. I was on a trip, came back, and my potato had grown so big, it moved out and found a job!


But back to my sweet potato problem.

On potatoes, sometimes the eyes grow a titch, you cut 'em out, it's all good. But these are WAY past that point. I think they'll scream if I cut 'em with a knife.

Let's say I manage to ignore the screams. Their tentacles somehow miss the opportunity to strangle me, and I'm ready to cook 'em. How do I do it? The regular way or is there some better way that guarantees I won't taste how old and rotten they are?

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