We've teamed up with Sylvan Learning to recognize and reward great teachers! And our 3rd award goes Lindsay Storla, a kindergarten teacher at Jefferson Elementary!

Susan Weber nominated Mrs Storla saying,

Mrs. Storla is a teacher who always has a genuine smile on her face for all of her students and parents. She makes reading fun by having the kids put toy witch fingers on to use as their pointers when reading new words. Instead of just telling the kids to be quiet, she gets out a spray bottle filled with cotton balls and "sprays" them with "quiet spray". The kids think it's funny and because they like her and think she is fun, they listen and learn. She is truly every kindergarten parents dream come true, kind and warm like a parent and a great educator too.

We stopped by Mrs Storla's classroom and had a blast!


Do you know a teacher that deserve recognition? If they're selected they'll get a $50 gift card from Sylvan Learning of Rochester, and be in the running for a $500 gift card from Sylvan Learning. Plus the kids get a treat from Reichel Foods!