This isn't like your usual, "Tell us why you love your mom" things...sure, we know she's been there for you, she's ached for your pain, and helped you celebrate great moments in your life. But this time, we're looking for the little reasons you  love your mom.

For example, I love my mom for the way she took my Big High School Romance seriously. She knew it wouldn't work out, but she kept it to herself and she tried to help me find my way with early love.

Or her potato salad in the summer when my dad and the other five kids were out of town. Just the two of us would sit on the porch and have sandwiches and potato salad...and pop!

The little things that make up the big love. That's what we want to hear about.

And what do you get? 

Chocolate heap
Ekaterina Minaeva

The $250 gift card for...well...anything your mom wants! A spa day? A quiet weekend away? an amusingly large amount of chocolate?? Whatever your mom wants, splurge! Get it for her.

With $250 you could even send her grandkids into the dollar store and literally bury her in kids garden shovels. Or maybe she does!

If your mom's passed, you could use the gift card to find a way to remember her every day. Plant a garden, buy a bench for the back yard where she loved the sun, something for her favorite cause, or just a dinner out at her favorite restaurant where you talk about all the things you love and miss about her.

You have until the 7th to tell us Y You Love Your Mother...and then on the 8th, we move into the voting phase. On the 12th we'll count up all the votes and announce The Lucky Mother!

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