The Doritos taco shell was brilliant...but how 'bout this? Fried chicken as a cahlupa shell? Are you a yes or no?

A few years ago Kentucky Fried Chicekn used fried chicken patties as buns? Well, Taco Bell obviously heard about it, saw it, tried it, and LOVED it, because they're carrying on the proud Fried Chicken Conveyance Device Tradition!

It looks like they beat the heck out of a chicken breast ('til it's nice and flat), deep fry it, and then wrap it around then put the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and ranch inside. Because, that's all there is to it.

They're calling it the Naked Chicken Chalupa and it'll cost you a penny under three bucks starting on the 26th.

So...are you in or out? Is it chomp time or stomp time? Make it or break it? Up  or down? Yes or no?

Take a stand, let us know, and feel the excitement of a vote that really matters. ((kidding!))

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