Do you like the cool, refreshing power of a watermelon? I sure do. In fact, back during Ladies Nights at Rookies, I would end the night by stopping by Hy-Vee and grabbing some sliced watermelon. It always got rid of the nasty cigarette smoke taste in my mouth and make me feel sooo much better. Even after people stopped smoking in bars, I still went watermelon-ing. So good.

Well, now you can do that, but just hit a Rochester Taco Bell drive-thru! Just ask for the Watermelon Freeze. According to Foodbeast...

The slushy drink itself consists of a watermelon-flavored freeze base. There's also "seeds" on the inside of the drink, but they're actually made out of candy.

So, candy seeds, watermelon flavored slushy, and a big ol' straw that'll let you suck up the candy and the drink together? You bet. Get in Rochester, and at every Taco Bell. Regular size, $2.29, large is $2.59. If they're doing the happy hour from 2-5, it's just a buck!

Also, it's good lookin'! Check out some pictures.

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