Yes, it is April Fool's day, but do you think this is a joke or no?  Cheetos.  What do Cheetos smell like?   I know that they leave a fun orange residue on your fingers, and Tom Garrett has mentioned before that he wishes somebody would invent Cheetos gloves, but what fun would that be?  The leftovers you get to lick are well worth the finger residue... its quite tasty!  Would you want to wear the scent?  Does it have a scent?  Who wants to smell like cheese?  This is just weird.

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Cheetos Facebook

The [USA TODAY] seems pretty sure this is a PR Stunt... they even name off several other weird things, like chocolate floors & the undie iron, that irons your undies?

Well, either way, we shall soon find out.   An UNDIE IRON?  Really....