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Boy did we step in it today.

2020 has been that kind of year for sure. The pandemic, the election, killer wasps...it has been a year with a never-ending cascade of bad stuff thrown our way. But we're the United States of America, we're Minnesota and most of us have endured, worked together to make things better, and been kind and loving.

And then there are the outraged. Angry at everything, they leap upon the keyboard to make sure someone knows how wrong they are, how out of line they are, and...and...outrage!

This was especially true today when two radio chuckleheads mention 2020 being the kind of year where it wouldn't be surprising if it started raining pigs.  Click play to hear the less than 90 seconds of radio that made people angry, then scroll to read a few of the emails.

Horrible? These three are just a few of the maybe 10 or so outraged listeners...

The Outraged: Raining Pigs

I would like to be clear about something. Jessica and I were not advocating driving over pigs in Rochester, hitting pigs with our cars, or any other kind of violence...we were making a joke. A joke that 2020 is a pretty awful year.

But lets say we were saying to run over a pig. Is that the same thing as running over kids as the first email suggests? I say no. Maybe you're reading this and you say it IS the same thing. I don't agree, and here's why.

Let's say you get in a car wreck, your child and your pig were both in the car and are taken for emergency care. You love your child and you love your pig. Like part of the family that pig is. You even named it ink (cuz it kept running out of the pen! piggy rimshot!). Do you go with the child to the hospital or with the pig to the vet?

Café with A Pig on Top - James Rabe photographer
Café with A Pig on Top - James Rabe photographer

Of course you're going to the hospital with your child. That doesn't make you a cruel person and it's not saying you're OK with animal abuse. You're a good person with a good heart. I am certain of that.

However, it is my way of saying comparing a pig to a child isn't a good faith argument because I believe 99% of us won't act like it's the same if push comes to shove.

See also: Bacon.

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