Never want to say goodbye to Fido, OR love him so much you wish you had two of him? Well, good news, you now can clone your dog. 

Mika and Khuno

While I absolutely love my dogs like they're my children, I'm a little weirded out by this. Why? Because they say, while the dog will look just like your's, their personality will more than likely be different. Ummm... so why exactly wouldn't you just buy the same breed? It would definitely be more affordable.

To clone your dog, it will cost you a cool $100,000!

How it works? You get a tissue sample of a living dog, or one that passed up to 5 days prior, to a company called Sooam in South Korea.

The process takes about three months, and then the animal will be quarantined for about four months before you can bring it back to the United States.

I mean, the thought is good - I do love that. Sadly though, even having your dog cloned won't bring them back.

I would rather take that $100,000 and adopt several dogs over the course of my life that need my love.

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