Alexa's great for listening to music, for trivia (sometimes, right?), and now she's ready to help you prank your family. Yesterday Amazon added Skill Blueprints, a feature so you can make custom quizzes, but c'mon, who's going to use it for that when you could just as easily, and more amusingly, set it up to prank your mom, dad, husband, wife, sister, or (and this'd be super sweet), you're annoying brother.

For example, say your brother Brian is over to ask you a question that stretches into a monologue on how he's thinking of renaming his pet goldfish's bane from Mabel to Mable..."Notice the subtle difference?" you sit back and get ready for a chuckle (and peace and quiet again).

You - Excuse me, Brian. This is fascinating, but...umm...Alexa, why should Brian go home now?

Alexa - Brian should go home because your sister's brain is about to dribble out of her ears...and you don't want that, do you?

See? Problem solved.

You can also teach Alexa to burn you, too.

How do you set up the fun? Just click HERE and follow the three easy steps.

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