If you were payin', what would it cost for you and your four kids to get the Ultimate Ride tickets, that's five unlimited ride tickets, good for the whole week of the Olmsted County Fair?

$55 each! Honestly, that's a great deal considering you can come and go, ride, take a break, come back, even over the weekend! But we don't want you to pay for 'em... We want to give them to you. FIVE of them!

Cute kids having fun riding on a colorful carnival carousel

Really, we'll hook you up. Want to ride the Gravitron 50 times? Go ahead, but please, no throwing up! Of course, if you do it 50 times IN A ROW you won't be able to throw up by the 10th time! Bahahahaaa....

Five passes (a $275 value) plus five fresh, limited edition, Y-105FM t-shirts, can be yours. But you do have to do a li'l sumpin'sumpin' for us, first.


Click that there link, join the NEW Y-105FM VIP Club (I promise we will NOT sell your info or spam you), and then you'll have two chances to enter!

Have fun, and make sure you post your pictures on our Facebook age!

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