You Can Make A Sit-Com of Your Life with this App! (Video)

Checkout that video. Laura Lee, from ABC 6 News and I made that with the Sitcomd app. It''s an app that literally helps you make a sitcom of your life! You gotta see this!

Laura Lee and I got together at the Gift of Life Transplant house and wanted to promote the Gala of the Decades, the 80's. But how to do it? So many videos have been done, but then I found he Sitcomd app and it was super easy.

Just shoot the scenes, add names and hit done and boom! Sitcom. We couldn't stop crackin' up!

What's the Gala of the Decades? It's a huge party, that's what. On the 27th, we'll go back in time to the 1980's...I'll be on the tarmac before the shindig, makin' the pre-shindig happen, playing all those 80's tunes, playing games, it's going to be a blast.,

Then, the hanger doors swing wide, and inside it's time for dinner and a night of fun to begin! Here's the stuff you need to the image to buy tickets.

I'm a big BIG fan of the Gift of Life Transplant House because it plays a vital role in so many transplant patients. Having a place to stay and people around you that understand, it makes an huge difference.

"The mission of the Gift of Life Transplant House is to provide transplant patients and their caregivers with high quality, affordable accommodations in a supportive, home-like environment."

I was fortunate, I could stay with a friend when the time came. And after tests and long days where you're just trying to stay alive, coming home to love and understanding, instead of an empty and quiet hotel room is what people need. Inside, especially.

Gift of Life Transplant House is that place. And you can help it happen just by having fun at the Gala of the Decades! Click the picture to get tickets, then grab your cool 80's outfits and let's gala it up on the 27th!