Instant Pots are huge. Everyone's getting them and loving them and bragging all over 'em. And now, a guy in New Jersey figured out how to make wine in his instant pot, and I think I'd be a bad friend if I didn't pass along the info.

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Over in New Jersey, a guy named David Murphy was probably having a conversation with his friends like you've had. Instant pot, crock pot, whatever, someone always says, "Well, if it's so great, why doesn't it make wine?" I'm sure that's what happened...and David took that what if and made it so!

According to FoodService.comit's a combo of grape juice, sugar, red wine yeast (OK, who doesn't have that just laying around, amiright?), and patience. If you're out of wine, you won't be saying, "Hang on, I'll be back in a jiff!", unless you have more boxed wine in the fridge. Making wine in the Instant Pot takes about 48 hours, with venting and waiting, which is a lot faster than growing the grapes and all that jazz. Click HERE for the recipe.

How's it taste? According to David, it tastes like "an extremely pleasant table wine".

Is that worth all the effort? I'll bet it is, because the Instant Pot sn't going to give you a teeny tiny amount of wine, it'll fill a lot of glasses and laugheses.

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