Back in the days of yore, if you wanted to watch a Christmas special on TV, like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, The Walton Family Christmas: The Homecoming or The Star Wars Holiday Special; you had to be at home, in front of the TV, when it was showtime.  There was no Netflix, DVD players or even the most ancient of machines, the VCR.  (Google it!)

It was the 20th century and we lived like ANIMALS!

Now, we live like kings, purchasing the very movies we enjoy; so a few years back we started collecting some of our favorite Christmas movies.  (Sorry, Jingle All The Way, you stink!)  In 1984, George C. Scott starred in a televised showing of A Christmas Carol which has become a new family favorite at my home because of this clip:

We did a family wide popcorn 'spit-take' when the ghost commands "Look here, beneath my robe!"

There will never be a time when this doesn't make me laugh!

And now let's call it my Christmas gift to YOU!