Your favorite amusement park is about to transform to the dark side of entertainment as hundreds of creatures and monsters will be roaming the grounds of Valleyfair starting next weekend!

Credit: Kelsey Bailey Valleyfair PR Manager
Credit: Kelsey Bailey Valleyfair PR Manager

Soon you'll hear screams from not only the rides, but from mazes, scare zones and more! Halloween Haunt alone offers six haunted mazes each with its own frightening theme in a standalone experience, plus three scare zones, where guests encounter midways that have been completely transformed with ghoulish monsters and rampant scares.

New for 2018, the Undertakers maze will lead guests on a terrifying journey through the stages of death in a cemetery themed labyrinth. Also new is the Midway MaSCAREade scare zone, where guests will journey to the French Revolution but at this turn of the century ball everyone has something to hide.

Plus don't forget other great attractions and thrill rides like "Blood Creek Cemetery", "Mr. Clever's Bloodshed", "Madhouse" and "Zombie High: In The Dark" which is a guest favorite maze.

I haven't been to a ValleySCARE since I was in high school. While I know my almost 3-year-old daughter isn't quite ready for something like this, I'm excited one day to bring her and her little sister there someday because I had a blast anytime I went!

CLICK HERE to learn more about these and other scary attractions and to get your tickets!

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