You Know You're From Rochester, Minnesota If You Recognize These Places

I'm what you'd call "a transplant" in Rochester.  If you've never heard this term, a transplant is someone who hasn't lived in Rochester, Minnesota their entire life but came here because of a job.  IBM and Mayo Clinic have been the big reasons why people transplant to Rochester, and one of those places is why I showed up here too.

Whether you were born in Rochester or you are a transplant like I am, most of us can recognize a few of the Med City's landmarks.

You Know You're From Rochester If You Recognize These Places

There are a lot of iconic spots in Rochester, like the Mayo Brothers sitting by the Gonda Building. But, if you've ever called Rochester "home", see if you recognize these 12 other spots around town.


What are your favorite spots in Rochester?

Silver Lake is a popular spot, especially in the summer.  I know a few people that say that Quarry Hill Nature Center is one of their favorite places to go for a walk and to just enjoy the outdoors.  What's your favorite place to go and enjoy in Rochester?  I'd love to hear about it!  Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio). or DM me on Instagram.

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Check Out How Rochester Has Changed Throughout The Years

It is hard to imagine what life was like without Google.  If we ever wanted to learn something or we were just curious about a topic, the library was the place to go.  Thankfully, Google showed up in our current lives and has been keeping records of photos of various spots in our area.  It is pretty remarkable to see how Rochester has changed throughout the years.  Go ahead, look below to see some of those spots, and see how many you remember from back in the day.

Wow! Check out how Rochester has changed throughout the years in these Google photos.

As we are soaring down Hwy 52, it is hard to imagine what life was like in our town before the Target store was built where it is today. Or the house that you live in now, at one point in town, that wasn't there. In fact, Rochester has grown so fast throughout the years, most of our houses weren't even around 50 years ago! Don't believe me? Look through these photos to get a glimpse of what Rochester was like years ago.

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