I'm just going to warn you right now because the bug that is squirming around in Minnesota is just plain nasty.  Every time I see one slithering on my plants or sneaking around my house, I want to throw up.

You May Throw Up When You See This Bug in Minnesota - the Earwig!

If you've got areas around your house that are shady or have some moisture, you may be greeted by one of the most disgusting-looking bugs I've ever seen in Minnesota.  Yes, the nasty earwig.


A Few Gross Facts About the Nasty Earwig

Although I can't stand seeing earwigs, I held back my vomit and did some Googling to learn more about this gross bug that I've seen in my yard.  Here's what I found on Wikipedia:

    • They live for about a year.
    • Earwigs can be found on all of the continents except Antarctica
    • They are nocturnal and will get their food from plants and a variety of insects at night
    • The male earwigs have pinchers that have more of a curve (example: photo below)
    • Earwigs can squeeze into the smallest areas and hide there during the day.
    • You may find earwigs during summer months near damp areas including by sinks or bathrooms.  If there is a space small enough, they could also be hiding in picnic tables, patios, lawn furniture, window frames, garbage cans, compost, or anywhere with an extremely small opening.

You can learn more about earwigs and their awesome selves here.


Is it true that earwigs burrow into your ears?

According to thisoldhouse.com, the rumor that earwigs climb in ears and can burrow all the way to your brain is untrue.  The chances of an earwig going in your ear are basically the same risk as any other bug.


How to get rid of earwigs in your house and outside

Here are a few tips from thisoldhouse.com to help get rid of the nasty earwigs that may be roaming around your house or hiding by your plants:

    • take some dish soap and water, mix together in a spray bottle, and then spray the leaves of your plants.
    • smear petroleum jelly on the stems of your plants which will help make it harder for the earwigs to crawl up
    • Sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth in your garden along baseboards, or other areas where it might be common for an earwig to be.
    • Boric acid powder is harmful but can be blown into small areas not accessible to children and pets.
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What animal grosses you out the most?

Let me know what animal makes you shiver over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Besides an earwig, another animal I've seen that is just gross is a spider cricket.  They are super nasty AND they jump!  Below are a few facts about this insect that might be hiding in your house right now!

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WARNING: These facts about spider crickets may make your skin crawl.

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