The next time you do a load of laundry - maybe the next load of towels - you should probably, maybe throw this in with them.

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There's a few things around the house that probably don't get washed enough - or maybe even at all!

Like, fer instance, your houseplants. You water your plants, right? But do you water or dust the leaves? The Leaves can collect dust that really messes with you if you have allergies.

How about your credit cards. You hand those off to different cashiers, or maybe even handle them yourselves with different stuff on your hands, swiping them different places. Not a bad idea to swipe them with a towel and use a pencil eraser on the magnetic strip to keep them clean.

Science found that one of THE most germy things in the house is the bathroom toothbrush holder! When's the last time you threw that in the dishwasher or under some piping hot water?

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Here's something else you may have never thought of cleaning. That awesome re-usable canvas grocery bag you keep in the car. They're great, right? You take them shopping with you. Lug the groceries in from the trunk or the backseat. Maybe the next time you throw a load of towels or something into the washer, throw those in on cold and then hang them to air dry.

Just a few things to remember to cut down on passing germs and cutting down on getting sick.


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