I'll bet even the biggest Bon Jovi fans don't know this story and this song...the first song Jon Bon Jovi sang professionally. With R2D2!

Y'gotta go back a way (and thanks to Ultimate Classic Rock for the tip), but when he was Jon Bongiovi, he hung out at his cousins New York recording studio and his first professional recording was a favor.

(CBC Music) At the time, Tony was also doing what he could to help his young cousin’s career get off the ground, so he hired him in the hopes that it would give him some exposure. “I knew that it was going to sell,” Bongiovi said. “So he sang on it. If you have a hit, then you can turn around and say, ‘Hey, this album is a hit, let’s turn around and sign him’…But that’s how he ended up on that track.”


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