After a weekend of super high temps and lots of sunshine, swimming is in the front of everyone's mind. This is just the beginning of summer, and we are already feeling July-like temps. Before you dive into the pool, I have some terrible news - way too many pools are contaminated and full of feces. Not all, but way... too... many!

The CDC collected samples of water from pool filters from public pools, and this is what they found: 58% of the pool filter samples tested positive for E. coli - bacteria normally found in the human gut and feces. Over the past 10 years, more than 27,000 people got sick after swimming in a public pool. It's not an overly alarming number, but it's still pretty gross to think about.

They say it's because of “fecal incidents” aka a kid peeing in the pool, OR when feces rinse off of their bodies because they do not shower thoroughly before getting into the water.

So what can you do? You can buy test strips and make sure the pool has enough chlorine. You can also remind your kid not to swallow the water OR pee in the pool. And, have them shower before getting in the water.

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