A brewery in Virginia, Smartmouth Brewing, is making a new beer out of your favorite kid's cereal: Lucky Charms! This will either be way too sweet or it'll be delicious.

Remember how amazing Saturday mornings were as a kid? You didn't have school and some of the best cartoons ever were on TV. You get to lounge around and eat your Lucky Charms cereal. Smartmouth is hoping to evoke those kinds of memories with this beer. They want you to remember the good ole days! That's why the beer is called Saturday Morning.

The beer is an IPA that, according to Thrillist, is "brewed with marshmallows toasted in-house, as well as dehydrated marshmallow bits" like the ones you would find in Lucky Charms.

It's a limited time beer. And unfortunately, you can only get it in very limited places. The beer will be sold at Smartmouth Brewing in Virginia and will only be distributed around the state. So we're either going to have to take a trip or beg and pled for them to ship us some!


Source: Thrillist


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