I love SnapChat and I love the snaps people send me. Especially when they're life-hacks we can all use...on wet snow pants! 

Got wet snow-pants? The solution is the drive to school...or work...or around town!

And then we have the Boys and Girls Club dinner, where I saw with the most amazing people. One of whom, remembering our conversation about mating turtles. (WHAT? You don't talk about mating turtles at dinner? Weird.) She sent the first picture, and using the 'create your own sticker' thing, I sent it back...a little sassier than before.

And for the grand finale...if you can call it that...I've always been envious of Princess Kay off the Milky Way. She gets a butter bust carved in her likeness. Well, I was at the County Fair Convention and Snapped my own butter bust to a few friends. ((ahem))

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