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You probably think I'm going to make fun of this $150,000 Rochester, Minnesota home like I did that one with the Most Honest Property Listing ever (scroll down to see it), but I'm not. That realtor was trying to be funny. Not to be a downer, but the housing crisis in Rochester is no joke...we need more space people can afford. First time homes for $139,000 is unheard of in 2021.

Presented by Alissa Adamson - Brokered by: Coldwell Banker Realty - Rochester
Presented by Alissa Adamson - Brokered by: Coldwell Banker Realty - Rochester

The real estate for first time home-buyers of modest means is tight in SE Minnesota. Yeah this one needs a lot of work, but let's be serious...for the right family, this could be gold. And it's one more family in a home for under a $200,000 price. So, check it out, scroll thru the pictures and think about what you'd do with each room.

Your Work Is Cut Out For You Here - $150,000 Fixer Upper in Rochester, Minnesota

We feature a lot of fancy dream homes on this site, and I think it's OK to feature homes that real people can afford without paying a huge mortgage. Perfect for everyone? Nope...but for the right family, this will be a chance to dream big and have a mortgage possibly under $1,000/month.

PS - Not ripping on realtors, homebuilders, etc. They play an important role in our community. The housing crisis is what it is.

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Above I mentioned a funny property listing. This is it.

Wildly Honest Real Estate Property Description for Florida Property

If you find yourself wishing for complete accuracy in property descriptions, I have a listing for you. A piece of property in Florida, presented by Philippa Main and brokered by Future Home Realty Inc., has the most honest description I've ever read (this is as written, I've added nothing, though you may not believe that).

On the other end of the spectrum, a home with class, style, and distinction. One that's been cared for over the years.

134-Year-Old Stewartville Home Has a Secret Room

When you read the description for this 134-year-old Stewartville home for sale, you don't see anything about a secret room...so that's why I called it a 'secret room'...no one would suspect it is there, not one would know to go looking for it, but boom! There it is.

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