Are you a foodie? Even just a little bit? I'm open to trying just about anything once, but I might have found one of the things that I just don't think I could. A Minnesota restaurant, that is BIG on fresh as it's always changing it's menu up weekly, will be serving up percebes, also known as Gooseneck Barnacles, this week and just looking at them I don't think I could stomach them.

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Vann Restaurant on Lake Minnetonka in Spring Park is really big into serving unique and fresh creations. I got the chance to eat there once and I was blown away by how good it was. Their website describes their food as a "globally-inspired menu [that] draws on foods from around the world."

This week, however, I would have to pass on the chance to enjoy a great meal and conversation. Just check out what their featured item looks like and tell me that you could give it a go, and don't lie!

On the menu this week: percebes. Long a delicacy in Spain and Portugal, percebes, also known as gooseneck barnacles, are harvested from rock formations deep in the ocean. Once harvested and pulled apart, the tender bit of meat tastes like the best and briniest of clams.

I just don't think I could handle it. I'm guessing it's a soft and chewy texture like clams. But really don't they look like black Cheetos?

Maybe I've just been looking at this the wrong way the whole time, instead of me being uninterested in this, I'm just leaving those of you who do enjoy barnacles to munch on more.

If you want more information on Vann Restaurant, you can head here, as I promise they do serve up amazing food all the time, it's just not for me this week.

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